Saturday, November 2, 2013

Belgian Championship, 7th place

Hello everybody!

I've been very busy getting my new van ready the last months and there almost wasn't any wind too so again a long time since the last update!

Last few weeks were pretty windy and we got some good action and waves here.
We had to do quite a few kilometers because there was a lot of Southerly wind and then the North of France is the place to be.

The biggest day of them all was when the Belgian Championship was held last Sunday, the 27th October, the day of my birthday!
To bad I had to miss out on the single elimination on Saturday but tried my best on Sunday.
My heat against Wout Burman was very close, just a couple of points, but I didn't make it.
That made my overall result 7th in the Belgian Championship Wave with the contest in the beginning of the year counted in too.
I'm going to do my best to get a better result next year for sure, I'm already pushing harder each time I'm on the water!

Also congratulations to Jonas Handekyn for winning the overal Wave title 2013 and Nick De Wannemaeker for winning the Wissant-contest!

After I finished the contest I decided to go for something I already was thinking about for a long time.
I put on an impact vest and helmet, camera on the rig and went out pretty overpowered on 4.0 in Wissant.
First good wave I saw I pulled hard on my backhand and just kept on going for a second rotation.
Must have been the best feeling ever entering the second forward, I felt I was pretty high up and saw I wasn't going to crash head first. I landed on my back with sail flat on the water so I managed to waterstart and I almost couldn't believe I just did 2 forward rotations hahaha!
More will definitely follow, maybe even this weekend!

See video of double forward and a tabletop forward here:

Thanks to Michiel De Vogeleer for filming!

And some photos from Sunday during the Belgian Championship:

Great conditions to go wild! 
Giving my K4's a handful!

High tabletopfwd

Tweaking a tabletop, but a little bit too low...
On Monday 28th October conditions were really great too in Bredene! Thanks to Dirk Handekyn for pic!
Big thanks to Laurence Demeulemeester Lodeo Photografie, Dirk Handekyn,
and Jeroen Aerts from Deining Media for the great pictures!