Friday, July 5, 2013

Going with yellow now!

Hello everybody,

already a month ago since my last update here.... time flies when it's windy!
We had a couple of really good days here at the Belgian coast, the weekend of 22nd and 23th of June being the headliner. See a new little clip about that weekend here:

On Saturday Sam and I rode to Wissant France and had a great day with 4.7 and 4.0.
See some footage below from a harnessmount I made out of an old boom-end:

Tabletopforwarding the hell out of rainbows!
Good waves in Wissant, just love the 77l Witch



Tabletopfwd again, nice view

This was a hard one, made my camera shift down unfortunately


Learned this one on Saturday, One footed forward. Tried about 2, then landed  them pretty much consistent

So much fun when the waves are almost perfect

Big shove it

On Sunday the wind picked up a little bit later on the day. I was already riding with 5.4 that afternoon and decided to keep the 5.4 on to get used to the big sail in somewhat high wind. Everybody always complains about the Boxers being backhanded and unstable when overpowered but that is a thing of the past. Yes they have a lot of power, but when you can handle it the sails are really stable and provide awesome lift when overpowered.
On the 5.4 I even landed some backloops and some nice tabletop forwards. For the size, it's really manoeuvrable.

Some pics of Sunday, thanks to my girlfriend for having cold toes and filming me!

One footed front on film!

Againnn little tablefront

First backloopwave of the day!


Little tabletop
Now the wind is completely gone for already more than a week, and it looks like it's going to stay away some more time.
In the meantime I got some time to do some emailing...

K4-fins and offered me a very good deal on the yellow fins and got 4 sets for my 2 boards.
K4's are plactic moulded, and more felxible than G10 alternatives. Which is more suitable for multifin boards nowadays. The flex provides more drive and speed in the turns, en allows to push the board really hard in the cutback.

Also the price is way more interesting compared to a MFC or MUFFIN-finset. For example you pay a minimum of 216 euros for a MFC trifinset, but at K4, you can get a trifinset for just 69.50 euros!!!
That's a huge difference you could use to pay your gas...

For the Witchcraft K4 provided the new Ezzy assymetric fins. They are available in 1 and 2 degrees of toe-in. For my WC the 1's are most suitable since the boxes already have some toe. Got them in 10 and 12cm, can't wait to rip it up with them!

Here an article about the new Ezzy's and a test with a Quad board:

Some pictures I took: 

Thanks Graham Ezzy :)

Ezzy's 12, Stubby 13

Flex 17cm

For people interested in testing the K4's, I have available:
-Flex twin 17cm US (can be used for a quad)
-Stubby twin 16cm US (can be used for a quad)
-Stubby center 13 & 14cm US
-Ezzy's 10 & 12cm MT

Contact me on facebook for possible spots we can meet.

That was it for this update. Next time I'll hopefully have some pics with the K4's under my boards!

Thans a lot to K4 and for giving me this support!

Let's hope for WIIIINNNDDDDD