Monday, February 17, 2014

Loads of depressions!

 Again some time ago since my last update, but no news is good news.

2014 started of just perfect here in Belgium, we had lots of wind, lots of waves so that means: Lots of FUN!

To bad most of the time the wind blew from the South, so we had to drive a lot to Wissant and Wimereux. But the waves are always higher and more powerful than on my homespot Ostend so no complaints! Just had to fill up my dieseltank a lot....

Some pictures of a couple of sessions in Wissant:

Wissant: Heaven!
Millers, Thieu and Mang prepping gear

Got slapped by the lip but managed to keep going, lucky...
4.7 overpowered evening session, 3 guys on the water. Perfection!

Actually landed this one
My new K4 Ezzy 2° sidebiters doing their thing!
Sorry Mang :)
Good size!
Oli Pas going mental!

I sold my K4 1° Ezzy sidefins to another Witchcraft-owner, so sent me a pair of 2° Ezzy's now, I was pleasantly surprised that the 1 degree toe difference had even rmore effect on the liveliness of the board. It was already good with the 1°'s but it got even better! I can push the board even harder in the turns as you can see:

Nice to see the sidefin breathing a little ;)
Stalled front
Backloop landing
Little tweaked stalled front

Some pictures from a session in Ostend, thanks to Filip De Meester and Peter Absolon for the footage:

Crowded at the webcamspot, always nice to have good friends on the water!

In the next update their will be some good news about new support and gear, but that will have to wait a little longer :)....

Thanks to Naish Benelux (Guido Hoogwerf), (Joost van den Akker) and K4-fins for the support!