Sunday, January 6, 2013

First sessions in Cape Town!

First of all, Happy Newyear and let's hope for lots of wind in 2013!

Tuesday we arrived at Cape Town airport around 14.30h, we had to pick up the cars and then straight to the guesthouse, but nobody there to let me in. We then went to Big Bay to see if the conditions were ok.

It was more than OK, nice waves and hard 4.0 wind. Just had to get rid of my luggage in the guesthouse. Luckily Harry Vogelezang just packed after a session on Big Bay, so I went with him to the guesthouse and raced back to Big Bay. 

Nick just got out of the water with a broken mast when I arrived, first session and bad luck!
Rigged the 4.0 as fast as I could and went out. 
First backloop was a score, good landing so good beginning of the session. 
Had some good waves, but I had to get used to the conditions, quite different than Belgian waves.

4.0 Big Bay

The next 2 days there wasn't any wind so Jesse, Jonas and me went sightseeing to Lions Head, great views and a hell of a climb. 

On the 4th predictions looked good for Sunset, I was eager to go on the water again since nice waves were coming in. 
Michiel and me went to Milnerton first, Michiel rigged 5.0, I rigged 4.7 but conditions were light in the beginning. Floating outside and coming in with a set. 
Wind got better fast and it didn't take long before it was too hard and offshore.

4.7 Milnerton, breathtaking scenery 
4.7 Milnerton, thanks to Sarah!

We drove to Sunset to rig a 4.0, very windy and big waves. Had some hard backloop crashes because it was so gusty. Some good waverides but we didn't stay long on Sunset. 

We decided to have a look at Big Bay. There was only one guy on the water and waves were looking great.
Jonas and me went out for the third session of the day (4.3 and 4.7), the sun was already setting when we went out but the waves were too addicting! 

Jonas had some nice aerials and jumps, great views with the sun behind. 
I had some good backloops, some tabletop-fronts and a super nice tweaked aerial, didn't think I would land it but stayed on, got some nice gopro-footage of it all. 
Too bad it was getting too dark, but the both of us were super stoked about this last session and the day.

4.7 Big Bay evening session
Can't get better than this, Big Bay

Jonas and me had Big Bay for ourselves

Spraying Big Bay

Saturday the wind didn't pick up strong enough, tried sunset with 5.4 but  not even hard enough to plane outside. Jonas and me had some good waverides, but not really a great session.

I also want to say that my Witchcraft board is just perfect, I can really put it where I want it on the wave. It likes to get pushes hard in a bottomturn and I haven't had one time when it lost grip. Cutbacks are so much fun, even with the 5.4 on it.
5.4 Sunset, getting better on the cutbacks

I hope the wind will pick up today (sunday 6th) because everybody here wants to rip ofcourse! 

Stay stuned for a next update! 

Greetings from Cape Town !