Sunday, December 30, 2012

Getting packed for Cape Town

Just finished packing for South Africa, getting pretty nervous right now!
Windsurfbag is pretty heavy, and I'm not even packing a lot of gear, I can imagine the pwa-guys are having lots of backpains when traveling...

Can't wait to put my Boxers on the new Witchcraft and have a first Cape Town-wave. Will be an awesome feeling I guess.

Lots of memory for the trip too, 120 gb's of SD-cards with me, for the Gopro and the camera.
Better come prepared haha. 

Tomorrow around 14H30 somebody is picking me up to go to the airport, so got another morning to check everything.
Just weighed my normal luggage, comes in at 18 kg, so plenty of room for some souvenirs!

Next update will be live from Cape Town, hopefully with news from a first session! 

Happy newyear!